March 28, 2022

Frndly TV Adds Six National TV Networks


DENVER and CHICAGO, March 28+, 2022 – Frndly TV, the most affordable live TV provider for the whole family, and Weigel Broadcasting Co., a family-owned media company and leader in multi-cast television networks, today announced a multi-year distribution agreement that brings Weigel’s portfolio of six national TV networks to all Frndly TV subscribers.  The announcement was made by Michael McKenna, Chief Programming Officer of Frndly TV, and Neal Sabin, Vice-Chairman of Weigel.

 In addition to MeTV, H&I (Heroes & Icons) and DECADES, Frndly TV subscribers will also receive Start TV, MOVIES! and Weigel’s recently announced new national network, Story Television.  With this agreement, Frndly TV becomes the first live TV streaming service to carry all six of the Weigel national networks.

 Starting on Monday, March 28, MeTV will premiere on the Frndly TV lineup.  Additionally, on that day, in coordination with Weigel’s national debut of Story Television, the network will appear on Frndly TV.

 On Tuesday, April 19, H&I and DECADES will join the Frndly TV lineup, while Start TV and MOVIES! will premiere shortly thereafter on a date to be announced.

 At the completion of the launch of all six Weigel national networks, Frndly TV will boast more than 36 networks in its offering.  The price structure of Frndly TV’s three levels of service will remain consumer friendly with the same cost starting at $6.99/month.

 “The six Weigel national networks are a fantastic addition to our Frndly TV lineup,” said McKenna.  “Our customers will no doubt enjoy the variety these networks bring, including the country’s number-one rated classic TV network, MeTV.  And importantly, we are honoring our promise to our subscribers by keeping our prices very friendly -- and the lowest in the industry -- while adding even more great programming.”

 “We welcome the subscribers of Frndly TV into the family friendly world of MeTV and our full array of entertaining and engaging networks,” said Sabin.  “The warmth of Andy Griffith, the thrill of all five original Star Trek series, newer and classic crime and court dramas are just a part of what our networks are bringing to Frndly and we are thrilled to be with this well positioned service.”

 MeTV is America’s number-one classic television network.  From memorable westerns to beloved sitcoms, vintage sci-fi and timeless drama, MeTV boasts more than 50 of the greatest TV series every week.  MOVIES! presents “reel variety” showcasing the best of Hollywood’s golden era and beyond, from epic cinematic greats to lesser-known gems. DECADES is a pop culture time capsule, offering original programming and world-class sitcoms, talks and variety series featured by decade.  Start TV showcases strong and resourceful female leading characters in a lineup of contemporary and proven procedural dramas.  Heroes & Icons revs up the action and adventure with heroic characters in iconic series, offering a different drama each weekday and all original Star Trek series in prime time. Story Television, Weigel’s newest national network, will feature historical and factual programming, with each day specially programmed around compelling programming genres and themes.

“We welcome the subscribers of Frndly TV into the family friendly world of MeTV and our full array of entertaining and engaging networks,” - Neal Sabin, Vice-Chairman of Weigel

About Frndly TV

Frndly TV is the most affordable live TV streaming service in America.  Starting at only $6.99/mo., Frndly TV offers 36+ top-rated live TV networks including A+E®, Hallmark Channel, The History Channel™, INSP, Lifetime®, Hallmark Movie & Mysteries, Game Show Network, GAC Family, The Weather Channel and more.  Customers can also access a wide range of on-demand content, including full libraries from Dove Channel and Curiosity Stream, at no extra cost.  Frndly TV delivers feel good programming at a family friendly price.  For more information, visit


About Weigel Broadcasting Co.

Weigel Broadcasting Co. is a family-owned media company based in Chicago, Illinois.  The company owns and operates national television networks, as well as local broadcast stations thoughout the country.  Weigel is the leader in the multicast television network space with MeTV, Memorable Entertainment Television, the number-one rated and distributed multicast network, as well as the Movies! Network in cooperation with the Fox Television Stations, the DECADES Network, the H&I – Heroes & Icons Network, the Start TV Network in association with the CBS Television Stations, and Story Television.  Weigel produces the original network TV programs Toon In With Me, Svengoolie, Collector’s Call and Through the Decades.  Weigel’s local stations include CBS, ABC, The CW, MyNet and Telemundo network affiliates.  Weigel and its affiliate companies broadcast network and independent television stations serving New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, St. Louis, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Hartford, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Portland, South Bend, Evansville and Rockford.  Weigel is the creator of the nationally syndicated music format MeTV FM.  For more information on Weigel, visit

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