June 21, 2022

Frndly TV adds three customer-centric Enhancements to its service

Subscribers Asked For An Even Easier User Experience and Frndly TV Listened; User Interface Updated for Better App Navigation and Content Discovery

DENVER, June 21, 2022 – Frndly TV, the most affordable live TV provider for the whole family, will implement three new user enhancements to help subscribers better enjoy its TV service.  In keeping with Frndly TV’s goal of being the most customer-friendly vMVPD on the market, the new updates were requested by its subscribers, and will be immediately available.

The three updates to its user interface include: 1) customer choice for the regular program guide or an alphabetized-by-channel-name program guide; 2) Simpler navigation to discover the expansive quantity of content including movies and TV shows, whether live or via VOD; and 3) improved “timing bar” to better allow viewers to know exactly where they are in a movie or TV show.

“We are always looking to make our customer experience more enjoyable and each of these elements was requested by our subscribers,” said Joey Monjure, Frndly TV’s Vice President of Product & Customer Experience.  “Our customers are very engaged with Frndly TV and we get hundreds of requests and suggestions every month.  We’re very happy that we can roll out these three elements immediately and look forward to bringing our customers more requested functionality in the future.”

The alphabetized-by-channel-name program guide was the number-one requested element by Frndly TV users.  Subscribers will now have the option of keeping the current channel guide listing or changing the guide to an alphabetical order for easier channel discovery and to provide customers with more choice over their user interface.

Changing the Frndly TV guide Layout

Simpler navigation to find movies or TV shows was also highly requested by Frndly TV subscribers.  Users will now be able to discover the wide array of programming – be it a show or a movie – either live linear or via VOD, from simple, easy to use tabs.

An increased accuracy “timing bar” was another element high on Frndly TV customers’ wish list.  Viewers who pause a show or movie will now better know exactly where they are when they return to watching, as well as how far they are into the program and how many minutes are left.

About FrndlyTV

Frndly TV is the most affordable live TVstreaming service in America.  Starting at only $6.99/mo., Frndly TV offers 35+top-rated live TV networks including A+E®, HallmarkChannel, The History Channel, INSP,Lifetime®, HallmarkMovie & Mysteries, MeTV, Game Show Network, GAC Family, The Weather Channeland more.  Customers can also access awide range of on-demand content, including full libraries from Dove Channel andCuriosity Stream, at no extra cost.  FrndlyTV delivers feel good programming at a family friendly price.  For more information, visit www.frndlytv.com.

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