December 26, 2019

TechHive Names Frndly TV Runner Up for Best New Steaming Service

The 2019 cord-cutter awards: Best devices, services and innovations This year brought a lot of changes to cord-cutting. Here are the ones that made it markedly better.

Imagine how excited we were when TechHive recognized Frndly TV as the Runner Up in their 2019 Annual Cord Cutter Awards. We're honored to be recognized and to share the spotlight with Disney+. Here's an excerpt of the original article. Make sure follow the link and read the entire article for yourself.


TechHive - December 26, 2019. The 2019 cord-cutter awards: Best devices, services and innovations - Abbreviated to highlight the Best New Stream Service. Full post was originally published on TechHive. Access the full article here

Best new streaming service: Disney+

There’s no contest here. For all the hemming and hawing about Disney pulling content from Netflix, the House of Mouse has delivered something better. Disney+ has a far more extensive catalog of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films, every episode of The Simpsons, and a growing slate of originals such as The Mandalorian, all at a reasonable price of at $7 per month. There was never a time when all of this content was readily available on demand, let alone for a little more than the price of a single movie rental, which might explain why Disney+ passed 10 million subscribers on day one.

Runner-up: Frndly TV, whose $6-per-month package of The Hallmark Channel and a handful of other family-friendly channels proves that not every bundle has to be bloated.

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