Beat the Heat with Frndly TV

This summer is shaping up to be a record setting hot one! If the temp is too high to go outside, Frndly TV has all the new series, movies and specials you need to keep you entertained while enjoying the glorious A/C!

Here is a full list of everything new this week:

1. Phrogging: Hiding in My House on Monday,7/18 at 10pm ET on Lifetime

2. Digital Addiction on Monday,7/18 at 10pm ET on A&E

3. Text Me When You Get Home on Monday,7/18 at 9pm ET on Lifetime

4. Intervention on Monday, 7/18 a 9pm ET on A&E

5. Modern Marvels on Monday 7/18 at8pm ET on The History Channel

6. Ancient Aliens on Monday, 7/18 at9pm ET on The History Channel

7. Dark Side of the 90s' on Tuesday,7/19 at 9pm ET on Vice TV

8. The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on Tuesday,7/19 at 9pm ET on The History Channel

9. Origins of Hip Hop on Tuesday,7/19 at 10pm ET on A&E

10. More Power on Tuesday, 7/19 at 10pmET on The History Channel 

11. Married at First Sight on Wednesday,7/20 at 8pm ET on Lifetime

12. Five Guys A Week on Wednesday,7/20 at 10pm ET on Lifetime

13. Forged in Fire on Wednesday,7/20 at 9pm ET on The History Channel

14. Neighborhood Wars on Wednesday,7/20 at 10pm ET on A&E

15. Road Wars on Wednesday, 7/20 at 10:30pmET on A&E

16. Austin City Limits on Wednesday, 7/20at 10pm ET on Circle TV 

17. Heartland season 15 finale on Thursday, 7/21 at8pm ET on UPtv

18. Mystic on Thursday, 7/21 at 9pmET on UPtv

19. Accused: Guilty or Innocent on Thursday,7/21 at 9pm ET on A&E

20. Alone on Thursday, 7/21 at 9pm ET on The History Channel

21. Dinner Drive with Kyle Petty on Thursday,7/21 at 9pm ET on Circle TV

22. Big Kenny's Crank It Up Garage on Thursday 7/21 at9:30pm ET on Circle TV

23. Interrogation Raw Thursday, 7/21 at10pm ET on A&E

24. Kings of Pain on Thursday, 7/21 at10:30pm ET on The History Channel

25. Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Wrong Marriage on Friday,7/22 at 8pm ET on LMN

26. Court Cam on Friday, 7/22 at 8pm ET on A&E

27. Living Smaller on Saturday, 7/23at 12pm ET on A&E

28. Christmas in Toyland on Saturday, 7/23at 8pm ET on Hallmark Channel

29. Flowers in the Attic: The Origin on Saturday, 7/23at 8pm ET on Lifetime

30. First Blood on Saturday, 7/23 at 9pm ET on A&E

31. American Pickers on Saturday, 7/23at 9pm ET on The History Channel

32. Panic 9-1-1 on Saturday, 7/23 at 10pm ET on A&E

33. Biography: WWE Legends on Sunday, 7/24 at8pm ET on A&E

34. WWE Rivals on Sunday, 7/24 at 10pm ET on A&E

35. WWE Smack Talk on Sunday, 7/24 at11pm ET on A&E

36. Colosseum on Sunday, 7/24 at 9pm ET on The History Channel

37. Love on Trend on Sunday, 7/24 at 7pm ET on UPtv