Frndly TV Rolling Out New Home Screen

At Frndly TV, we're constantly looking for ways to make your streaming experience as friendly and enjoyable as our name suggests. That's why we're excited to introduce the new Home Screen—a hub of personalization, ease, and discovery. The new feature is rolling out to devices over the next few weeks. Let's walk through the features designed to bring your favorite content to your fingertips.

Your Familiar Guide, One Click Away

We know how much you love the Frndly TV guide. It's been with you since the beginning, helping you find your next favorite show or movie. Rest assured, it hasn't gone anywhere. With our new Home Screen, the guide you're accustomed to is just a single click away. It's the same convenient experience you've always enjoyed.

Easy Access to Your Viewing History

Life is busy, and we know that sometimes you need to pause your show and come back to it later. Our updated Home Screen makes this easier than ever.

DVR at Your Command Your DVR recordings are just a click away. Whether it's an unmissable movie or a series you follow religiously, your DVR list is organized and waiting for you.

Continue Watching Without Missing a Beat We've all had to stop in the middle of an episode or movie. With 'Continue Watching', you can resume exactly where you left off, on any device. It's like we pressed pause for you.

Favorites That Feel Like Home Your most-loved shows and channels are now gathered in one place under 'My Favorites'. This personalized spot ensures that your all-time favorites are never more than a moment away.

Personalized Just for You

Because your interests are unique to you, your Home Screen should be too.

Live Channels That Follow Your Lead Your viewing habits shape your 'Live Channels' section, placing your preferred content front and center for immediate enjoyment.

Recommended for You: Our Picks Based on Your Tastes Our 'Recommended for You' feature acts as your personal TV concierge, suggesting shows and movies that align with your past viewing choices.

Inspired by Your Recent Watches 'Because You Watched' offers you a selection of similar content based on your viewing history, opening doors to new yet familiar entertainment avenues.

Community and Staff Curated Content

We're more than a streaming service; we're a community, and we love what you love.

Trending Now in the Frndly TV Community Discover what's capturing the attention of fellow viewers in the 'Trending Now' section, and join the conversation about the hottest shows.

Thematic Rows for Every Interest From seasonal favorites to genre-specific rows like Westerns or romance, our curated selections bring you the best in each category, reflecting both community trends and seasonal themes.

Critically Acclaimed: The Best of the Best Our 'Critically Acclaimed' section is reserved for the cream of the crop—the shows and movies that have garnered praise from critics and viewers alike.

Discover and Explore

Curiosity is the heart of a great viewing experience, and we have plenty to spark yours.

Coming Soon: Set Your DVR Never miss an upcoming show again. 'Coming Soon' lets you know what's on the horizon so you can set your DVR in advance.

Most Watched: Viewer Favorites See which shows and movies are captivating audiences in our 'Most Watched' section. It's a great way to find out what's trending in the Frndly TV universe.

Free Previews: Try Before You Buy With 'Free Previews', you can explore new content during our preview windows at no additional cost. It's the perfect way to discover your next favorite show or movie.

More Than Entertainment

Frndly TV is not just a streaming service; it's a community of viewers who value quality content that's accessible and affordable. With the new Home Screen, Frndly TV is setting a new standard for user-friendly streaming, making it easier than ever to enjoy the content you love with the people you cherish.