Weigel Broadcasting rebrands its Decades Channel as Catchy Comedy

Weigel Broadcasting, a privately-owned media company based in Chicago, has announced a major change to its Decades channel, which will be rebranded as "Catchy Comedy" on March 27, 2023. The company has cited a desire to pivot towards a more comedy-focused programming strategy as the primary motivation for the change.

The new programming on Catchy Comedy will feature a wide range of classic and contemporary comedy series, with a focus on well-known and highly rated titles. Some of the shows that viewers can expect to see include Night Court, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda. Laverne and Shirley and The Carol Burnett Show. The early primetime slots will include favorites like Good Times, All in the Family and Sanford and Son.

Catchy Comedy will have weekend programming that features marathons starting with Night Court, due in no doubt to the recent success of the reboot of that popular comedy. Some other sitcoms that were either short lived or are seldom seen these days such as the 80’sclassic Square Pegs, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Nelson and Jami Gertz, will be featured as well.

The decision to change the name and format of Decades to Catchy Comedy is likely a response to the growing popularity of comedy programming in recent years. As audiences continue to seek out content that provides a sense of levity and escapism, many media companies have shifted their focus to this genre. Weigel Broadcasting has recognized the potential for success in this area, and the rebranding of Decades is a logical step in that direction.

The decision to focus on comedy programming also aligns with the company's broader strategy of catering to a more diverse audience. With Catchy Comedy, Weigel Broadcasting is aiming to attract viewers from a wider range of demographics, including younger audiences who may not have been drawn to the history-focused programming of Decades. By offering a mix of classic and contemporary content, the company hopes to create a programming lineup that appeals to a broader swath of viewers.

Overall, the rebranding of Decades to Catchy Comedy represents a major change for Weigel Broadcasting. By shifting its focus towards a more comedy-oriented programming strategy, the company is positioning itself to better compete in an increasingly crowded media landscape. It's clear that Weigel Broadcasting is taking steps to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of its audience. You can watch all your favorite sitcoms on the newly branded Catchy Comedy Channel on Frndly TV. Make sure to set your DVR so you don’t miss any of the laughs!