Frndly TV has more new movies, series, and season premieres than February has days! Check the list here and set your DVR so you don’t miss a thing!

  1. My Killer Body with K. Michelle premieres Thursday, 2/1 on Lifetime
  2. After The First 48 returns Thursday, 2/3 on A&E
  3. Trapped By My Sugar Daddy premieres Thursday, 2/3 on LMN
  4. The Wrong High School Sweetheart premieres Friday, 2/4 on LMN
  5. Single Black Female premieres Saturday, 2/5 on Lifetime
  6. Listen Out For Love premieres Sunday 2/6 on UPtv
  7. Cut, Color, Murder premieres Sunday, 2/6 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  8. Deadly Garage Sale premieres Thursday 2/10 on LMN
  9. Randy Travis More Life premieres Thursday, 2/10 on Circle TV
  10. Old Flames Never Die premieres Friday, 2/11 on LMN
  11. Harmony From the Heart premieres Saturday, 2/12 on GAC Family
  12. The Wedding Unveiled premieres Saturday, 2/12 on Hallmark Channel
  13. Line Sisters premieres Saturday, 2/12 on Lifetime
  14. The Story of Love premieres Sunday, 2/13 on UPtv
  15. Modern Marvels returns Wednesday, 2/16 on The History Channel
  16. Into the Wild Frontier premieres on Thursday, 2/17 on INSP
  17. Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story premieres Thursday, 2/17 on LMN
  18. The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story premieres Friday, 2/18 on LMN
  19. The Wedding Veil Legacy premieres Saturday, 2/19 on Hallmark Channel
  20. Caught in His Web premieres Saturday, 2/19 on Lifetime
  21. Heavy Rescue 401 returns on Sunday, 2/20 on The Weather Channel
  22. Song to My Heart premieres Sunday, 2/20 on UPtv
  23. Abraham Lincoln premieres Sunday, 2/20 on The History Channel
  24. Swim Instructor Nightmare premieres Sunday, 2/20 on Lifetime
  25. Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Haunted By Murder premieres Sunday, 2/20 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  26. I Was There returns Sunday, 2/20 on The History Channel
  27. Devoured premieres Monday, 2/21 on Vice TV
  28. Black Patriots: Heroes of the Civil War premieres Monday, 2/21 on The History Channel
  29. The Secrets of the Civil War premieres Tuesday, 2/22 on The History Channel
  30. My Best Friend’s Secret Life premieres Thursday, 2/24 on LMN
  31. Framed By My Sister premieres Friday, 2/25 on LMN
  32. Freedom on the Range premieres Saturday, 2/26 on INSP
  33. Welcome to Mama’s premieres Saturday, 2/26 on Hallmark Channel
  34. Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez premieres Saturday, 2/26 on Lifetime
  35. A Wedding to Remember premieres Sunday, 2/27 on UPtv
  36. The Food That Built America returns on Sunday, 2/27 on The History Channel
  37. Adam Eats the 80s premieres on Sunday, 2/27 on The History Channel
  38. History’s Greatest Mysteries premieres Monday, 2/28 on The History Channel