Heartland Season 15 Premieres May 19th

Heartland Season 15 will premiere May 19 at 8pm ET on UPtv. You can stream the UPtv channel with Frndly TV.

Heartland Season 15 burning questions

When we left the Bartlett family, patriarch Jack was really starting to show his age. His years of physical labor were really starting to take their toll on his body. Will season 15 bring new aches and pains or will we start to see him work through his current limitations?

Heartland has always been about the relationships, some fade, new ones evolve. At the end of Season 14 Lou and Mitch ended their marriage plans for the once again. Does this relationship have any spark left or is it finally over?  If it is over, will Lou and Peter re-ignite their relationship, and hope the second time’s the charm? 

Another couple we’re eager to catch up with are the young lovers Georgie and Quinn.  Will a change of Quinn's career and location cause a break in their romance? That leaves us with Tim. He seems to have a new love interest in almost every episode. When we left him in Season 14 his current flame was Jessica, but her departure and return have left us wondering if they stand a chance.

Finally, there is Amy our central figure. She has dealt with unimaginable grief over the last season, but is she ready to leave all she knows and pursue an opportunity in another state? If she does leave, what does that mean for the rest of the family and the future of our beloved Heartland?

We don’t know what Season 15 will bring, but we hope to get some answers to these questions and many others as we catch back up with these characters that we cannot seem to get enough of.

How to stream Heartland Season 15

Heartland Season 15 can be streamed live on Frndly TV starting Thursday, May 19 at 8pm ET on UPtv.

How to watch Heartland Season 15 on your own schedule

Heartland Season 15 wont initially be available on demand, so make sure you have a Classic or Premium subscription to Frndly TV so you can DVR every episode and watch on your own schedule.