Horror, Love, and History, OH MY!

This week, Frndly TV is coming in hot with the return of some The HISTORY Channel faves, new romance movies, and more spooky movies to help you get in the Halloween spirit! With so many things to choose from, it might be hard to find your perfect pick.

But don’t worry, because I’m here again with my weekly installment of Frndly TV favorites telling you what I loved, why I loved it, and where to watch it.

So get your remote ready to hit record, because this week is going to be chock full of Halloween, history, and romcom hits! 

Halloween hits
The Walls Are Watching
Where: LMN
Thursday Oct. 6th at 8PM ET

What: This thrilling new LMN Shocktober movie tells the harrowing tale of a newlywed
couple being hunted by the former owner of their new home. Can the couple
outwit someone who knows every inch of the house enough to survive the night?

Why: If you love a good scare for Halloween, then LMN’s The Walls Are Watching is the
perfect way to get into the spirit of Halloween. This movie has everything you need in a
horror movie; jump scares, a thrilling chase, and anticipation that slowly builds
throughout the movie until you are falling off the edge of your seat! 

For the History buff
Beyond Oak Island
Where: The HISTORY Channel
Tuesdays at 10PM ET

Uncover the treasures of some of the most ruthless pirates on the seven
seas, gold from ancient Aztecs, and even something never discovered before. 

If you love History then this is absolutely the show for you. At first I was skeptical
about this show, and thought it was only going to be about the search for treasure, but
the brothers investigate each artifact they find and tell you the story behind it. I was
instantly hooked after the first five minutes, and I think you will be too.

A Romance to fall in love with
Infamously In Love

When: Sunday October 9th at 7PM ET 

Ivy is a star with what looks like the perfect life, but with fame comes
insane expectations and very little agency. All she wants is to find love and make the
music she loves. Will she be able to tear away from stardom to find love?

Why: This movie isn’t just about finding love, it’s about someone who is 

also finding themselves again. This movie is perfect for a self care day, so grab a hot cider, snuggle in, and fall in love with this uplifting love story.

With these new hits, there is surely something for everyone to love! What will you watch?