As we continue to enhance our platform with the best of television, we're proud to unveil a latest addition to our channel lineup: MeTV+! For fans of MeTV, this is an extended treat, bringing even more of the timeless classics you love.

MeTV+ is not just another channel; it's a continuation of the MeTV legacy, packed with iconic moments that have defined television through the ages. Let's set the stage with a few key shows that promise to take you away on a nostalgic journey:

M*A*S*H: A timeless classic that takes you into the heart of a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Experience the blend of humor and heartfelt moments that have made M*A*S*H an audience favorite.

Svengoolie: Join the iconic horror host as he presents classic horror films with his signature wit and charm. Svengoolie has been voted "Favorite Horror Host" multiple times in the national Rondo horror awards.

Cheers: This legendary sitcom, which aired from 1982 to 1993, invites viewers into the warm atmosphere of a neighborhood bar. Centered around the former baseball player and bar owner, Sam Malone, played by Ted Danson, "Cheers" became a cultural phenomenon.

We're especially proud that Frndly TV was the first streaming service to offer MeTV+ to its viewers. This partnership symbolizes our commitment to bringing you unparalleled entertainment experiences.

Whether you're reminiscing with old favorites or exploring them new, MeTV+ ensures an exciting trip down memory lane. Celebrate the stories and the legends that make television magical.