Decorating for the holidays can be a fulfilling endeavor, or it can lead to a stressful difference of opinion! Natalie Lisinska who you may remember as Aynsley Norris in Orphan Black will star in Match Made in Mistletoe in which she plays a talented interior designer named Emily Barnes who is hired by a foreign embassy in DC to decorate for their annual holiday charity ball. She then meets the newly appointed ambassador Magnus Andersson and his “minimalist” approach creates a roadblock between them. Magnus Andersson is played by Canadian heartthrob Damon Runyon who you may remember from Star Trek: Discovery where he played Ujilli or from Degrassi: The Next Generation. As Emily’s undeniable love for the holiday season begins to thaw his heart, an unexpected romance begins between the two.

Match Made in Mistletoe will premiere on Wednesday, December 1 at 8pm ET on Lifetime®.