If you are a dedicated watcher of Married at First Sights season 13, like I am, you’ll know that the season started with hopeful excitement, but ended with heartbreak. Of the 5 couples, Johnny and Bao, Gil and Myrla, Ryan and Brett, Jose and Rachel and Michaela and Zach, only 2 decided to stay married on decision day. Within 1 month of decision day, Gil and Myrla had broken up and shortly after that Jose and Rachel, divorced. I had such high hopes for all the couples, but I was really invested in the futures of Ryan and Brett and Johnny and Bao, neither of whom chose to stay married on decision day. 

Luckily, Season 14 starts right after the new year, and we get to start over with renewed optimism for the 5 new couples. The show will return to Boston where the next round of couples will hopefully have better luck.

Lifetime will air 2 pre-season specials starting with Married at First Sight: Matchmaking on Wednesday, 12/29 at 8pm ET and Married at First Sight: Kick-off on Thursday, 12/30 at 8pm ET. The Matchmaking episode will focus on the process that Rev. Cal, Dr. Pepper and Dr. Viviana go through to match the couples. The Kick-off special will set the tone for the season and give us a little taste of what’s to come.

To get you ready for the pre-season specials, let’s meet the couples for Season 14:

Alyssa & Chris

Alyssa, 30, Has not had a lot of time for dating as she is busy trekking across the globe, pursuing her passion of rescuing animals. Since her last relationship left her heartbroken, she is ready to hand the reins over to the experts at Married at First Sight.

Chris, 35, has been a long-term serial monogamist since high school. He’s come to the realization that as soon as the initial sparks of his relationships start to burn out, he loses interest.  Chris is hoping the experts at Married at First Sight can find him a match for a lifetime.

Jasmina & Michael

Jasmina, 29, has always loved children which lead her to a career as an early childhood education teacher. After healing from the trauma of infidelity and relationship failure not only in her own life but in that of family members, Jasmina has decided to accept the help of the experts at Married at First Sight to find her forever love.

Michael, 28, has tried every dating app, but has yet to find “the one”. After seeking the advice of his sister, Michael decided to let the experts at Married First Sight step in and take control of his future.

Katina and Olajuwon

Katina, 29, had realized that she will never be able to love another until she learned to love herself. After 2 years on that journey, she is ready to be a wife and a mother with the partner that the experts on Married at First Sight have chosen for her.

Olajuwon, 29, like many of the men on Married at First Sight has lived the playboy lifestyle but is now ready to give that up and start a family with the partner chosen for him by the experts. Olajuwon and Jephte Pierre who appeared in season 6 of Married at First Sight are old school friends who ran into each other at a reunion. After hearing about Jephte’s experiences on the show, Olajuwon was ready to jump in headfirst.

Lindsey and Mark

Lindsey, 34, is eager to find the kind of love that her grandparents have, who have been married for more than 70 years. She is ready for this lifetime commitment and is sure the experts at Married at First Sight can deliver.

Mark, 37, who’s nickname is Mark the Shark, has used all the dating apps but only seems to meet woman who are not ready for a commitment. This is the second time Mark has applied to be on Married at First Sight, let’s hope this time is the charm for him.

Noi and Steve

Noi, 33, has been too free with her heart in the past which has ended in heartbreak. She’s had enough of disappointment and believes the experts at Married at First Sight will deliver her the perfect match.

Steve, 38, has always believed that his grandparents, together for 60 years, were a great example of a happy marriage. Having recently learned that their marriage was arranged, Steve has decided that if it worked for them, it could work for him too. Steve is putting his faith in the experts at Married at First Sight and hopes to be as happy as his grandparents have been.

Don’t forget to tune in or set your DVR to record the Matchmaking and Kick-off Specials on Wednesday, 12/29 and Thursday, 12/30 at 8pm ET and then get ready for the Season 14 premiere of Married at First Sight on Wednesday, January 5 at 8pm ET.