Ride into the Lives of a Rodeo Family in Hallmark Channel's New Show

Get ready to experience a new family drama like never before as Hallmark Channel brings us Ride. The show follows the lives of the McMurray’s, a rodeo dynasty that has been passed down from generation to generation, as they struggle to keep their beloved ranch afloat. With a talented cast and a heartwarming story, Ride is sure to be a hit among Hallmark fans and newcomers alike.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we're excited about Ride:

·         A Multi-Generational Family Ensemble with a Twist

·         Well-Explored Character-Driven Story

·         A Trusted Brand for Family-Friendly Content

·         Impressive Cast with Notable Roles

 A Multi-Generational Family Ensemble with a Twist: Ride will follow the lives of the McMurray’s, a rodeo dynasty that has been passed down from generation to generation. The show promises to bring us a diverse cast of characters from different ages and backgrounds, all connected by the family bond and the ranch they call home. This structure is similar to the hit show Yellowstone, but with a more family-friendly twist, perfect for viewers of all ages.

 Well-Explored Character-Driven Story: Hallmark has a proven track record of exploring the lives of its characters in shows like When Calls The Heart. We know Hallmark will bring the same level of excellence in exploring the lives of the McMurray’s and their journey of transformation and self-discovery in Ride.

 A Trusted Brand for Family-Friendly Content: Hallmark is a trusted brand for family-friendly content, and we have no doubt that Ride will follow in those footsteps. With wholesome values, positive messaging, and a clean, heartwarming story, Hallmark promises to deliver a show that families can enjoy together.

 Impressive Cast with Notable Roles: Ride will feature an impressive cast of talented actors, including Nancy Travis (Home Improvement, Last Man Standing), Tiera Skovbye (Once Upon A Time, Riverdale), Beau Mirchoff (Desperate Housewives, Awkward), Sara Garcia (The Romeo Section), Jake Foy (This is Us, Smoke Signals), and Tyler Jacob Moore (Shameless).These actors bring depth and nuance to their characters, making them relatable and endearing. With such a talented cast, Ride promises to deliver powerful performances that will leave a lasting impact.

 Don't miss the premiere of the new show Ride on Hallmark Channel, Sunday, March 26th at 9/8c, immediately following the season finale of The Way Home which will air at 8/7c rather than its normal slot of 9/8c, or set your DVR to record and catch-up later. Gather your family and friends for an emotional and empowering journey with the McMurray’s.