With a chill settling in the air, and the leaves starting to turn we can finally usher in Fall and start our holiday season. To kick it off, Frndly TV is presenting hundreds of hours of Fall content this month, as well as some Winter content for those who want to skip straight to Christmas! While this mountain of fun movies and shows is going to be a great addition to your season, it might feel difficult to wade through all of it to find something perfect for you.

Lucky for you, every week I will be reviewing what’s new and why you should watch it based on what you like!

This week we have some incredible treats to start off our October, so get some space in your recordings because there is something for everyone in the house! 

True Crime Junkies

The Gabby Petito Story 

After a popular van life blogger, Gabby Petito goes missing while traveling
with her Fiance Brian Laundrie, the nation comes together to figure out what
happened, and why her fiance isn’t speaking.

Why you should watch it

This case took the nation by storm and as the case unfolded, unthinkable twists take place. If you love True Crime this is a must watch. 

Romance lovers

Great American Family’s Home For Harvest

A love triangle that will leave you speechless. After a travel writer is sent back to her hometown for a story, she meets a new man and everything seems to be going amazingly, until her ex walks back into her life. 

Why you should watch it:
This love triangle is the perfect fall themed love story that has an extra
twist to keep you on your toes. If you love classic romance movies then hit record
on this.  

Scary movie lovers

Lifetimes Shocktober
All month long enjoy a new scary movie every Thursday and Friday
so grab the popcorn, and don’t turn off the lights!

Why you should watch it:
If you love a good scare every now and then, then Lifetime’s Shocktober
is perfect for you. Every movie is packed with shocking twists and turns and with
movie titles like, “The Walls Are Watching” and “Nightmare PTA Moms” you are
surely in for a good scare!

Spooky but not too scary movie lovers 

Svengoolie Halloween Boonanza
Svengoolie is back with its annual Boonanza extravaganza! Enjoy Halloween themed classics like The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch, hosted by your favorite Ghoul Svengoolie! Why you should watch it:
Svengoolie is the perfect Halloween treat that’s not too scary! If you like some eerie, and creepy content to get you into the Halloween spirit then Svengoolie is perfect for you!

Solymar Valdez