With the holidays over, it's time to take down the decorations and catch up on some new shows. Check out these new movies, shows, and specials airing this week on various channels, so you can watch them live or set your DVR for later viewing.

Tuesday, January 10th:

  • 9pm ET: "Neighborhood Wars" on A&E
  • 9pm ET: "Curse of Oak Island" on History
  • 10pm ET: "Customer Wars" on A&E

Wednesday, January 11th:

  • 8pm ET: "Married at First Sight" season 16 on Lifetime
  • 9pm ET: "American Pickers" on History
  • 10pm ET: "Secret Restoration" season finale on History

Thursday, January 12th:

  • 8pm ET: "The First 48" on A&E
  • 8pm ET: "Swamp People" on History
  • 8pm ET: "Lies Between Friends" on LMN
  • 9pm ET: "Accused: Guilty or Innocent" on A&E
  • 10pm ET: "Taking the Stand" on A&E
  • 9:30pm ET: "Swamp People: Serpent Invasion" on History
  • 10pm ET: "Interrogation Raw" on A&E
  • 10pm ET: "Fully Torqued" season finale on FYI

Friday, January 13th:

  • 8pm ET: "In Love with My Partner's Wife" on LMN
  • 10pm ET: "Taking the Stand" season premiere on A&E
  • 9pm ET: "Ancient Aliens" on History
  • 10pm ET: "The Proof is Out There" on History Channel
  • 9pm ET: "Vital Outdoors" on Outdoor Channel

Saturday, January 14th:

  • 11am ET: "Zombie House Flipping" on A&E
  • 12pm ET: "Triple Digit Flip" on A&E
  • 8pm ET: "The Wedding Veil Inspiration" (pt. 5) on Hallmark Channel
  • 8pm ET: "How to Murder your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story" on Lifetime

Sunday, January 15th:

  • 8pm ET: "Highway Through Hell" on Weather Channel
  • 9pm ET: "Mud Mountain Haulers" on Weather Channel
  • 10pm ET: "Weird Earth" on Weather Channel
  • 7pm ET: "The Princess and the Bodyguard" on UPtv
  • 9pm ET: "The Way Home" series premiere on Hallmark Channel

Monday, January 16th:

  • 10pm ET: "Icons Unearthed: Fast & Furious" on Vice