I didn’t think The HISTORY Channel’s grittiest survival show could get any better, but in early August of 2022, the show is set to expand with two new thrilling, and chilling shows. 


Friday, August 4th at 1030/930pm C in their newest extension, ‘Alone: The Skills Challenge”, three former “Alone” contestants will prove their resourcefulness, and experience as they compete in challenges to craft shelter, weapons, and traps using only basic tools and resources they would find in the natural landscape around them.

Now as someone who doesn’t have the first clue on how to survive in the wilderness, I am excited to watch my favorite Alone contestants build things I would absolutely need in the wild like a jacuzzi, and maybe a movie theater. 


After watching these amazing contestants build unthinkable structures and tools for their survival we can tune into probably the most grisly survival challenges we have seen yet, Alone: Frozen. 


Alone: Frozen will be premiering Thursday August 11th at 9/8pm C and we will watch six legacy contestants from earlier seasons of Alone compete to survive the longest in the harsh North Atlantic winter. Those who last throughout the competition will share the grand prize of $500,000. I think each one of these contestants have what it takes to rough it out and win the prize. I like to think I would last maybe five minutes, and would leave after my toes get cold.

Want to see how it ends? Tune into all three Alone installments on Frndly TV.

How long would you last in these competitions?